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The new car "chip shortage" has created an opportunity for consumers to fight back. The lack of computer chips forced the prices of new cars up and supply of used cars down! New car payments have increased by $300-500 per month. Making the Demand for used cars is higher than it’s ever been. 


It’s time to take advantage of the market and get the most out of your vehicle.

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  • How to Price your vehicle even if you don't know where to start.
  • How to eliminate back and forth negotiations.
  • What to do if you owe money on your vehicle. 
  • ​When it's okay to sell your vehicle. 
  • ​When you should never consider trading in your vehicle.
  • ​Where to start if you’re a beginner.
  • ​What not to do when you’re negotiating your vehicle. 
  • ​Why your vehicle is worth more than it was before Covid 19.
  • ​What to do if you owe on your vehicle.
  • ​Why selling to “Private Buyers” are not worth it

You need a clean vehicle to get top dollar, Right? Wrong!

Why selling your car to a Dealership will bring you more money than “Private Buyers”.
Say Goodbye to defending your Car from Dealers wanting to steal it with low offers.

Yes, that's a lot of ways to save on time, money, and headaches but it get's better because you're also getting access to our Private Facebook Group.
This is where you're able to see offers from other members who have received offers to stay up to date in the market.  

Also remember, we'll pay top dollar for vehicles. If you have a Friend of Family member looking to see what their vehicle is worth, Post it in the members group and you'll receive an offer from us instantly.

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I understand there may be a few people who are considering waiting on getting an offer today. Here's why I would be rushing to sell my vehicle.

Right now Dealerships are having troubles stocking their Used Car Inventory. Because of that supply has dropped tremendously and demand has increased as well. Which means your vehicle at this weird point of time is worth the most it will ever be! So don't wait.
New Car prices have skyrocketed causing a massive Demand for Used Vehicles. Take Advantage of these times now as they won't last.

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frequently asked questions

What is the Best Way Too Sell My Vehicle?

We think that everyone should get at least two firm written quotes on the value of their vehicle.

What Is BBC Auto Buying Services Buy Process?

Call or Text BBC Motorsports at 214-905-6100 for buy or sell appraisal. See form above and Submit.

In an effort too, make it easier for customers that are wanting to sell their vehicle, BBC Mobile Buying Service will go to the customer's home, office, or place of choice to complete the transaction. BBC Motorsports has been buying cars from the public for many years, but many times the customer's schedules make it difficult for them to coordinate the time to drive to the showroom to complete the transaction. The new Mobile Buying Service will make it more convenient for these situations. Call or Text BBC Auto Buying Service at 214-905-6100 and ask to speak to a buyer. The buyer will discuss vehicle details and transaction process before coordinating a schedule between Mobile Buying Service and customer.

1. If you have a clear title, BBC Auto /Mobile Buying Service will pay you for the vehicle on the spot.

2. If you have a lien that is less than the transaction price, BBC Auto Buying Service, will pay your lender in full (10-day payoff is needed) and pay you the equity difference on the spot.

3. If you have a lien that is greater than transaction price, BBC Auto Buying Service Dallas, TX. will pay your lender in full (10-day payoff is needed) and you will pay BBC Motorsports the inequity difference.

4. All paperwork is provided by the BBC Auto Buying Service, making it simple and hassle free for the customer.

Can I Complete The Transaction On-LIne?

Complete the above form and Submit.

* Include vehicle's VIN and mileage in comments section.

* A representative will contact you via text or phone, whichever you preface, and will ask you for additional options, overall condition, and may request a few photos if needed.

By Phone or Text (214-905-6100)

What Information is Needed? The First 2 

Items are necessary- The others are helpful.

* Your vehicle's VIN number.

* Your vehicles current mileage.

* Your vehicles additional options. Example- Navigation, Sunroof, Modifications, etc.

*Your vehicle's overall condition mechanically and cosmetic, including tires, glass, body, etc.

*Your vehicle's photos (3) that you can text or email to representative taking your call.

In Person

What to bring with you?

* Your car's title or payoff information-all titleholders should plan to be present.

* Valid current registration to confirm ownership.

* Valid state-issued photo ID for all titleholders.

*All keys and remote(s)-if original keys/remotes are missing, it may result in your offer being adjusted.